Social Work and NSS

The College has two NSS units for its students. Membership in NSS will facilitate students to attend various personality development training programs and engage in socially constructive activities.

Team Co-Ordinator: Mrs. Sarojini.


SAGA (Sports and Games Association) with its motto, “Healthy Body for Healthy Mind,” aims at providing facilities for the physical development of the students, and capacity for teamwork. Facilities are offered for various sports and games activities and sports teams are formed to represent the College at inter-college fests.

PESEC’s domain will be beyond Curriculum Programs. It seeks to have twin-focus: An Internal Focus with which it serves the Annite population, both staff and students, and an External Outreach Focus with which it serves the population outside college – teachers, students, officers, youth, adults etc. Its motto is: “Towards the Excellence of the Masses”. PESEC will also award Certificate of Merit/ Participation for those individuals who complete some select programs successfully.

Aim & Objectives of PESEC

  • Motto: “Towards the Excellence of the Masses.”
  • Helping people move from being average to being excellent – in life and work – is the goal.
  • To educate students in life-enhancing values and build their core competencies and soft skills.
  • To train students in the art and science of excelling in studies and examinations.
  • To help students discover their aptitudes and interests and provide them with career –relevant skills.
  • To empower the teachers with a sense of Mission, teaching skills, and leadership qualities.
  • To train the public, especially the youth, in leadership and public service skills.
  • To be an effective instrument for the transformation of the self and the society.